Welcome to iOS Development

Welcome to the world of programming and iOS development. Learning to code can be tough. I taught myself how to write code in 2007 completely on my own. It was one of the most difficult experiences of my life. Resources were few, and support was non-existent.

Today is a lot different. Learning to code is now a "thing" and resources are everywhere. You have been set on a path for success. That doesn't mean that learning how to code is going to be easy. It probably won't be. You are going to get discouraged. You are going to tell yourself, "I don't have the brain for this" and you're going to want to give up. You are going to run into cyber-coder bullies who will belittle your coding skills and tell you that unless you have a degree in computer science, you aren't a real programmer.

I want to give you some advice to keep you on the straight and narrow when discouragement sets in:

  1. Don't EVER compare yourself to other programmers. Compete against yourself. Someone will always be more skilled than you.
  2. You DO belong here in the world of programming. No matter what anyone says. You have unique talents as a programmer that other programmers do not.
  3. If the learning is painful and your brain is broken, then you are doing it right. Pain brings growth.

Programmers can live rewarding lives. I have spent over half of my programming career working from home. That meant more time with my family and also meant I could go to the movie theater whenever the frik I wanted. Become a good programmer and you will have the chance to live whatever lifestyle you want. Whether that be a lifestyle with more personal time and freedom or whether that means receiving a big fat paycheck working for top companies - or perhaps both!

The last and most important thing I could ever tell you as you are learning how to code is this - Learn EVERY single day and do some hands-on coding EVERY single day.

Ready. Set. Go.

Mark Price